Wilderness Trails Zoo opened in 1991. Our trails take visitors through 56 acres of natural surroundings to see exotic animals such as primates, zebras, lions, reptiles, and parrots. There is a petting area and parakeet encounter for an up close and personal adventure with our animals. Guests can also imagine life as a bird-eating spider or a red-tailed boa constrictor in our “Rainforest Experience.” There are also feed stations throughout the zoo to feed animals such as goats, fish, peccaries, and deer. After feeding the animals around the zoo, your family can relax and enjoy your lunch in our “Picnic Pavilion.” If the kids still have energy after their zoo adventure, they can pretend to be monkeys and swing and hang on the playground equipment. 

The zoo is SEASONAL is open to the public MAY - OCTOBER and always WEATHER PERMITTING.